WhiteLightly - Pretty. Magic. Things.


Hi I'm Jane Fenn a jewellery designer making and creating pretty magic things under the name WhiteLightly.

My focus highlights the simple beauty of metal as an adornment and gemstones in their natural form. 

'Light, and the way it shines and reflects always draws my attention'.  

At WhiteLightly we have a true love of the natural wonders of our earth.  All WhiteLightly pieces are made by hand using semi-precious gemstones which are readily available and responsibly sourced.  Highlighting lesser known gemstones like Fluorite, Pyrite or Calcite, gives you a real choice, and the freedom to be individual.  




In a previous life (not so long ago) I was a financial power of attorney, working in the city, raising 3 children and moving so fast I couldn't stop to chat. I read a lot, and one day something stopped me in my tracks. 'You don't always need a plan - sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, and let go, and amazing things might happen'.

Inherent to the nature of the earth they come from, each WhiteLightly piece is truly unique.       


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