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Bar Stud - Galena and Tourmaline


WhiteLightly Bar Stud in Silver with Galena and Tourmaline

These Bar Studs are a Signature WhiteLightly Design where the beauty of natural gemstones create shape and form.

Earring Post and Butterfly Back are Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel. Dimensions 10mm x 11mm

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Galena is especially beautiful with an isometric crystal system, this means when the Galena crystals form in nature they grow in perfect cube shapes. The Galena mineral is a Lead Sulphide and includes other minerals like pure silver which gives it spectacular reflective properties. Galena is a very heavy stone with a Specific Gravity of 7.5. Due to the cubic growth pattern and relative weight Galena is said to bring Harmony, Balance and Self Assurance - Balance and Grounding

Tourmaline (black) is a common mineral found all over the world, it forms in prism shaped crystals which can reach several metre in length. This type of Tourmaline is very grounding and helps with self assessment and truth - Positivity & Protection

Thank you for supporting small makers and purchasing a hand crafted product. All WhiteLightly items are handmade using natural gemstones. Due to this, variations in colour, size and shape occur, guaranteeing your piece is truly unique. In many cases the item photographed is a representation of the product you are purchasing, the item you receive will be the same design, size and colour with minor variance.