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Formation Stud - Lapis, Quartz and Fluorite


WhiteLightly Formation Stud with Lapis, Quartz and Fluorite

The Original WhiteLightly Design - Each Pair are Unique

Earring Post and Butterfly Back are Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel. Dimensions 10mm x 11mm

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Historically Lapis Lazuli was very rare and prized like gold by many, including the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Chinese. It forms with ribbons of Pyrite and white Calcite. The powerful and intense blue of Lapis Lazuli helps to rapidly release metal stress leaving our minds open to new ideas and connections - Enlightenment

Quartz (clear) is the third most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. Aboriginal Australians and other Indigenous cultures around the world independently view Quartz as a link between the earth and the spirit world. It is traditionally used as a charm to purify your body and mind, and radiate clarity and light. Crystal clear quartz brings a rare love and empathic energy that no other crystal does, enhancing life and love in the most powerful ways - Harmony and Clarity

Fluorite is found in many locations around the world and often forms alongside hot mineral springs. Fluorite also has phosphorescence characters and when infused with light can glow for a short time, like glowworms. The stable crystalline structure of Fluorite helps bring order and coordination to our life, the purple version of Fluorite is useful for generating ideas and inspiration - Creativity and Inspiration

Thank you for supporting small makers and purchasing a hand crafted product. All WhiteLightly items are handmade using natural gemstones. Due to this, variations in colour, size and shape occur, guaranteeing your piece is truly unique. In many cases the item photographed is a representation of the product you are purchasing, the item you receive will be the same design, size and colour with minor variance